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Equipment for production processes

Intranox covers the needs of the chemical sector with reactors and equipment specially designed and adapted to the production processes of the chemical industry.

Our technical Department, backed up by the Calculation Department,  will create a design using 3D software in which the stresses that the equipment need to bear during the production process will be analyzed, providing a construction solution on the basis of the data obtained. All our construction processes with the RD 379/2001 and MIE-APQ-1-7 standards on different products to be kept in the vessels.

Our products include:

  • Equipment for production processes Reactors for production of resins.

    Reactors for the manufacture of resins, equipped with load cells, shakers, serpent colls and control instruments.
  • Equipment for production processes Tanks for the manufacture of UV or paraffin wax polyester

    Manufacture of UV or paraffin wax polyester, equipped with serpent cooling colls that avoid the decomposition of monomeric styrene Temperature below 38ºC.
  • Equipment for production processesSilos and processing towers for the paper industry.

  • Equipment for production processesHoppers for the manufacture of gelatine.

    Hoppers for the manufacture of gelatine.
  • Equipment for production processesInk tanks

    Tank batteries for ink manufacturing.
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