Within the chemical industry, with our equipment, we cover storage needs of raw material and finished product, liquid or solid, that may arise in any chemical industry.

Our technical department provides assurance that the equipment’s design will be the most efficient in the type of stainless steel used and thickness. All this is supported by our product’s calculation and design software depending on the product  to be stored and compliance with the regulations to be followed in regard to the regulation of various products to store: Royal Decree 379/2001 and MIE-APQ-1-7.

We can cite different applications for the following sectors

  • storage Storage tanks for pellets.

    Storage tanks for plastic pellets equipped with steps walkway and harndrails.
  • storage Storage tanks for solvents.

    Storage stackable tanks for solvents.
  • storage Storage tanks for polyester resins.

    Controlled storage of polyester resins, equipped with an internal heat exchanger to change their state to 20ºC
  • storage Measuring equipment.

    Our integrated measuring system for product level and leak control issues reports on stocks, management, supply, calibration consumption levels and leak detection. The emphasis is always on the safety of the facilities and the protection of the environment.
ISO 9001

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