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For this stage, Intranox has the most advanced resources and specific technology to carry out work on stainless steel of gauges of up to 15 mm, with a handling limit of 32 tonnes. This allows us to build tanks of up to 300 cubic meters capacity at our premises.

Our facility covers 20.000 m, half of which are roofed and equipped with the best technical resources.

Technical resources:

  • 17 gantry cranes with free height under crane hook up to 25m.
  • Automated column and boom welding stations of up to 5 m in height and 4.5 m boom length.
  • Welding equipment based on a range of processes TIG pulsed TIG, MIG, plasma, spot welds and pulley wheels.
  • Shears, edge cutters and mills for manufacturing and shaping bottoms and lining.
  • Folding and bending machines for sections up to 6 m in length.
  • Automated CNC plasma oxycutting calculating the best utilization of the materials.

Automatic winding line, CNC shaping, assembly, welding and cleaning of tanks and sleeves.


ISO 9001

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